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Setting Boundaries with Teens

“Taking things away doesn’t seem to help, but doing nothing doesn’t seem right either. I don’t know what to do and I’m starting to feel resentful.” I hear versions of this in my office almost daily. Most of the parents with teens that I talk to don’t want to be punitive, but letting things go […]

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Why Bright Teens Make Irrational Choices

Few things are more difficult for parents than watching their capable teen appear apathetic and disinterested in things that they should care about. I know it can be a helpless feeling but I’ve got a few suggestions that might help. Why Intelligent Teens Make Irrational Choices Thanks to recent advances in neuroscience, we now know […]

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7 Temperamental Styles Every Parent Should Know About

A lot of the advice and information we receive as parents is based on an assumption that all kids are born as blank slates, and differences in behavior and performance are based solely on parenting and environment. If our child is doing well, this assumption makes us feel great about ourselves as parents. If they’re […]

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10 Tips to Help Your Easily Distracted Teen

Do you remember the Budweiser Clydesdale commercials? They’re surprisingly touching and sweet. One of them portrays a young horse entering a barn where it spots an unattended carriage. In an attempt to seize the moment, it steps into the oversized harness. This naive yet determined young horse tries to push the carriage forward with all […]

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How to Start a Meaningful Conversation About School

I hope you’ve been having a wonderful summer. If you’re like most of the families I’ve been seeing lately, you’re probably starting to think about school. This is a good time to start thinking and talking about hopes, expectations and challenges that may come up in the fall. Most parents I talk to struggle with […]

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10 Tips to Help You Talk With Your Teen About Pot

Now that marijuana is legal, it’s more important than ever to have conversations with your teen or preteen and make it clear about your values and approach with this issue. I want to provide you with some guidance to help you do that. Teen pot usage over the past few years has remained relatively flat. […]

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What to do When You Lose Your Cool

Does this sound familiar? Parent: “You’re grounded and I’m taking away your phone.” Teen: “That’s ridiculous.” Parent: “Maybe you’ll think next time before doing something so stupid!” Teen: “Maybe you’ll learn how to stop being a controlling psycho.” Parent: “You really are a spoiled brat!” Teen: “You’re a terrible parent, that’s why my friends don’t […]


5 Tips to Help Your Teen “Grow Up”

You may not be surprised to hear me tell you that a lot of teens today are taking longer to “grow up”. This despite the fact that today’s teens are highly intelligent, conscientious, capable and even eager to take on more responsibility. Yes, even yours.  But when a 15 year-old can’t do her own laundry, […]