We’re available to provide talks to your school or organization. As experts in the field of adolescent development and parenting, we give informative and timely presentations to parent groups, administrators and others who work with teens.

Those who have experienced our talks consistently give us feedback that our style of presentation is engaging, informative and fun. Parents often tell us that they feel like we really “get it”, when it comes to parenting and understanding teens.

Bringing us in to speak is a great way to build community, improve competence and skills, and inspire your group.

Some of our popular talks include:

Getting Past “Fine” – How to breakthrough and connect with 21st century teens.

Are They Ready or Not? – The new realities of dating, relationships and sexuality. How to help your teen be safe.

Too Stressed for Success – How we can help reduce the alarming rate of stress and anxiety in today’s teens.

“I’ve Taken Everything Away, Now What?” – How to set effective boundaries and limits with teens who don’t seem to care.

Our presentations can run anywhere from an hour to a full day. If you have a specific topic or issue that you’d like us to address, we can customize a topic to meet your needs as well.


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