We offer a variety of different types of counseling depending on your needs and the needs of your family. Below is a list of a few of the different types of counseling we provide. Many of these work together in combination.

Individual Counseling: Therapy that focuses on the individual. This approach is for adults who are struggling with specific issues such as depression, anxiety, grief and loss or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Family Therapy: Therapy that involves more than one member of the family. This approach works particularly well with kids and teens and is our primary approach with this population. The focus of this type of work is on helping members of the family resolve problems by relating and connecting with one another in new ways. The basic premise is that everyone in the family is important and can play a role in helping resolve problems. Throughout the process of family therapy, various members of the family may be asked to attend in different combinations.

Couples Counseling: This is for couples who are early in their relationship, looking for pre-marital counseling, or those who have been together for many years. I draw primarily on an approach called Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy. This approach focuses on strengthening the bond and connection between you and your partner.

EMDR: This is a proven technique for resolving trauma and traumatic experiences.

Group Counseling: We sometimes run groups for teens and for parents. If this is something you may be interested in for you or your teen, please contact us for more information about dates and times.

Multigenerational Family Counseling: This is family therapy with adult children and their parents. This is for adults who would like to gain greater understanding and attempt to improve their relationship with their parents.