Here are some of the ways we can support you and your family through each stage of your child’s development:

Transition services: Many families need extra therapeutic support prior to and just after a child’s placement into a new home.  Family dynamics will change will change and it is important to be proactive in supporting the needs of all family members.  Additionally, therapy can be a place to plan for a supportive transition for the specific needs of the child who will be joining your family.
Early childhood services:  For children who are adopted when they are toddlers, therapy at this age can be especially helpful in developing a strong and healthy attachment and healing from trauma.  Parent support can also be very reassuring to an adoptive parent to gain understanding of your child’s emotional reactions and behaviors as well as develop additional strategies to support your child’s emotional growth.
Childhood:  During the many developmental stages of elementary and middle school children often have many questions about adoption, their history and identity.  This process is harder for some children than others and therapy can provide a supportive environment for children and families to explore adoptive issues.
Teenagers:  The teenage years often present unique challenges for all parents and for parents of adopted children it is a time when your teen may have many questions about adoption or not want to talk about it at all.  For teens who are struggling with issues related to adoption or just struggling with school, friendships, depression, anxiety or loss, therapy can provide a supportive place to develop a deeper understanding of themselves and grow in healthy directions.
Young adults:  This is a time when young adults continue their exploration of their identity independent of their family.  Adoption can be intertwined with this natural process as young adults are exploring questions around how their adoption fits into how they think about themselves.  Additionally, this is a time when many young adults begin to think about searching for or reaching out to begin a relationship with their birth family.  Therapy can support your family with this process through helping your teen or young adult explore their expectations, strengthen their support system and have additional emotional support throughout the process.

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