How To Respond When Things Go Wrong

Do you have a great kid that drives you crazy? Are you at your wit’s end?

It turns out, teenagers make dumb and impulsive and often very dangerous decisions. Of course, you know this all too well. The real question is how do we respond?

Whether your child is skipping school, sneaking out, using drugs/alcohol, or just being mean, our job is to help them develop self-control and empathy. How we respond to their behavior is critical.

This workshop is going to answer questions like:

When should I give consequences?

What should those consequences be?

How do I get them to open up?

Is this just normal teen/preteen stuff?

How worried should I be?

What are my options if my child doesn’t seem to care?


The overall goal is to respond to your child’s negative choices in a way that encourages learning and personal responsibility while maintaining a loving and genuine connection with you. I know, not an easy task when your fried and just done! 

What you can expect:

  • A framework to help you and your teen communicate with less anger and more collaboration.
  • How to provide consequences that facilitate learning, self reflection and empathy.
  • An interesting and worthwhile experience packed with information that’s relatable and will make sense.
  • A room filled with other well meaning parents and teens wanting to figure out how to help themselves and/or a loved one communicate better and solve problems.
  • Answers to your questions.

Workshop Registration
Workshop Details

WHEN: May 8th. 6:30-8:30

WHERE: Cerimon House: 5131 NE 23rd Ave. Right off Alberta Street with tons of great options to grab dinner before hand.

COST: Before April 1st, $39 per adult.

10 “donation” spots have been reserved for people who are motivated to come but aren’t able to pay the full fee. This option will allow those folks to pay whatever they can.

“I have attended several of Yshai’s workshops, and really appreciate both the information and his presentation style. For families experiencing the struggles of parenting teens, he offers helpful, up-to-date strategies as well as a compassionate view of the challenges and opportunities these years can present.”


Dr. Catherine Beckett
LCSW, PhD & Parent of Teens. 

What past participants had to say...

“You did a great job drawing out kids in the audience for us to hear their perspective and ideas. Your conversational style – honest and open and relatable – makes it easy to be comfortable and reassured about stuff we find confusing and scary.”

“Very well done.”

“Examples of what kids say to you was very helpful.”

“You did a great job.”

“I learned about how to create a positive atmosphere in the midst of a crisis.”

“I benefited from A few different perspectives and just being in a group of parents struggling around the same concepts.”

“Looking forward to more!”

“Helpful advice with research and fact backups, and you didn’t treat us as bad/stupid parents.”

“It was great! So helpful!”

“We will absolutely be back! This was great! Thank you!”

“Do it again so my husband can come.”